Friday, September 17, 2010

Walk to Cure Diabetes

Well I am in Idaho Falls! My dad and sister Trish drove all the way up to Moscow last Sunday to get me and the girls just to drive all the way back the next day to Idaho Falls. We are here to participate in the Walk to Cure Diabetes. Ito started the walk 3 years ago and unfortunately due to other events in our life we could not go to any of them. This will be the first walk since Saylor was diagnosed. Actually it is almost 6 months to the day. So it is important that we (she) be there. We are very excited. We've have created a team (Team Saylor) and have quite a few people walking. We will all be wearing team shirts. Both men and women will be in pink t-shirts sporting Saylor's Monster Mascot. It will look awesome. It's too bad that Cory could not come. You just can't leave Law School. That would not be wise. He will be with us in spirit and greatly missed.

I'm sure it will be a long day full of lots of fun as well as emotional somewhat. I can't wait to see all of the people walking together with their teams united in one purpose - to find a cure. It will definitely be quite the experience. I hope that a lot of money can be raised. It is hard to know exactly with the economy the way that it has been. Well I am psyched and can't wait to report on the walk after it has occurred. Good Times.


  1. I hope the walk was a huge success! And I want to see those shirts! They sound awesome. :)

  2. We (Team Garrett) saw your cute shirts at the walk, so I had to look up your blog. My nephew was diagnosed when he was 2 years 9 months old, he is now 5 and is doing great. We certainly hope they come up with a cure during these brave kids' lifetime and I really hope you can get a pump for Saylor soon, it has made such a difference with Garrett.

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