Monday, September 6, 2010


So we have been having so many issues with Saylor lately it was time to try something new. She is such a good girl and I try sooooooo hard to be patient with her, but sometimes mommy is naughty and loses her temper. I really try to be patient with Saylor. I know that she is struggling. She came into this world stubborn and independent. You mix that with Blood Sugar highs and lows and then throw in a major move taking her away from her family and friends you get one unhappy little girl. Everyone I talk to says "oh it is just her age." "That is just your normal terrible two's." YEAH RIGHT! Needless to say life has been rough lately. I just want to get a handle on it. Not only am I afraid that she is going to grow up an unhappy little girl, but I'm also afraid that these are the years that will shape our relationship. I want to learn patience with her, but it is so hard. I realize that this has been a rough year for her. It was just about six months ago that she was diagnosed. Everything has changed for her. The poor little thing has had her world turned upside down. It's no wonder she is so miserable. Well we need to deal with it so we have been trying to come up with ways to get her back on track.

First of all she needs to get rid of the binky. She will be three in a couple of weeks. It's about time. Her teeth are going to start bucking out. Next we need to get her back on schedule. She has not been napping and she has been going to bed really late. Life would definately be easier for all of us if she starts getting a better nights sleep. Well needless to say we decided to start a reward system using beans. She has a bucket on a shelf in her room. Everytime she is a good girl and does things like getting into her car seat with out a fuss, or eating a meal with out a fuss, or going to bed when we ask her too, she gets a bean. Some things get more beans than others. If she goes potty on the big girl potty she gets five beans. We've really been talking the beans up. She gets excited to get them. It's also good for her counting. She gets to count the beans and put them into the bucket one at a time. Of course if she hits her sister or has a fit or whines and cries during family prayer like she did tonight she gets a bean or two taken away. She doesn't really like that part. Well once she fills up the bucket she gets a toy. I haven't printed out a picture of what she gets yet. I need to do that. She needs a motivator. I also bought the large size lima beans. Small beans would take forever.

I hope this works. I really do. She needs something to work for and to get excited about, and we need to focus on rewarding her good behavior. She really is such a good girl. She can be so sweet and loving. I love to watch her with Sydney. She really loves her little sister. She looks out for her. I hope that they are always close. Well I'll have to update the blog on how the bean thing is going. Who knows maybe we'll have to use it again when Sydney is terrible and two!

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