Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kids do and say the darndest things!

My kids are so cute. Yesterday I was mocking a football commericial and Saylor says to me laughing "mommy you are so silly you're a dork." She totally learned that one from her daddy. He's always teaching her to call me a dork or dufuss. It's funny you try to teach your kids good things to know and say and they always remember the not so good things or rather not so important things. The other day in the middle of an argument with Saylor her daddy was explaining to her that she needed to be nice to mommy and she said very tearfully, "no daddy it's not mommy it's Jamie." I couldn't help but laugh. Sometimes she'll just randomly call us by our first names. She'll just go through the house calling out Cory or Jamie "where are you?" What a silly girl. Cory is not pleased when she calls us by our first names. It really bothers him. I don't love it, but you know who am I to complain I do it myself. Can we say bad example. Saylor also remembers when you correct her. She was saying Oh my gosh a lot and it started sounding a little more like the real thing. Grandma suggested she say oh my word instead. Now she'll say oh my gosh and correct herself right away with no mommy it's oh my word. Of course if I say oh my gosh, wow she is right there to correct me. She doesn't miss a beat! That girl is so funny.

Sydney is pretty funny too. She is so quiet you don't expect her to be so smart. I think she just is a sponge and soaks up everything around her. Every once in awhile she'll just totally surprise us with how much she knows. Yesterday I was trying to get ready to go. Saylor as usual had taken her clothes off. I was explaining to her what needed to get done to leave. I said, "You need to get dressed and I need to find my shoes...." I preceded to try and convince her to get her clothes back on while little Sydney who was just hanging out in the background listening walked into the living room, picked up my shoes and brought them to me with a huge smile on her face. It was as if to say "look at what I did mom!" The other day we were in the girl's room picking stuff up and she picked up a package of wipes and laid down on the floor saying, "poopoo." I mean really the kid is a genius. She says nigh-nigh, poopoo, mommy, daddy, chew (chewy), awwww (oscar), sszzz (saylor), boo-boo (book), ba (bath), ju (juice), sna (snacks), blay (blanket)hi and bye, and nahnahnahnah (binky). I'm not sure how binky translates to nah nah nah, but anyways she is really coming along. She just is very quiet and soft spoken. The only time she raises her voice is when she is mad. I' ve also noticed how tender hearted she is. I still have to repremand her every once in awhile. She likes to bite. She'll lean over ever so sly and nibble on your shoulder or something. Then she just giggles. She doesn't get that it causes pain. Well the other day she did something like bite or pull hair and all I did was say "No Sydney" and shake my finger at her. Well she got this expression on her face like oh mommy you just yelled at me. The next thing you know she was welling up and crying her eyes out. She is very sensitive that one. It is enough to break your heart.

Well my girls keep me going that is for sure. They really entertain me. I need that after moving to Moscow-Hell! Oh did I say that out loud. Oops! Well anyways life is interesting. I have decided to put Sydney's binky in the binky box during the day too. It is sad to take her binky. She really gets upset. I figure I might as well do double duty instead of having to go through this all over again next year with Sydney. It is for the best. Wish me luck!

Well that is all my fun little facts about my girls. I really need to do a better job of documenting these things. I know I'll want to read them in the future when I've forgotten them. They will too.

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