Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Long time no see

I created this blog to act as a journal documenting our lives with Diabetes. I've been doing a crappy job so far. Well the Walk to Cure Diabetes is coming up in September. It got me thinking I need to get on this thing and start blogging seriously. It's not all my fault. Our lives have literally been turned upside down. Since I created this blog, my husband had surgery and was home for a month, then we moved out of our house and in with my parents for a month, we then relocated to Moscow, ID where Cory would attend Law School, and finally he has begun his classes and I now I never see him. Needless to say it has been busy.

A lot has happened with this wonderful disease. Let's see where do I start. Oh yes - Pacific Source Insurance. I HATE THEM!!! They denied our claim for an insulin pump. They said that their policy is that the Diabetic must be 10 years or older. STUPID! STUPID! STUPID! We tried to appeal it, but it was denied. We were told that sometimes it takes several appeals. We didn't have that kind of time. Our insurance ended as of yesterday. Since Cory left his job and started school, we are now trying to get on Medicaid. Hopefully we will be successful getting a pump that way. If not looks like shots for the next 3 years! YIKES!

Saylor has had some really scary lows. One day she was down to 25. We checked her as a result of her falling down. One minute she was running around the house playing and screaming and the next minute she kept falling down and was losing mobility. We knew something was wrong and quickly tested her. I couldn't believe how low she got. We gave her some glucose gel on her gums. She bounced back, but when she is that low it is a slow return. Another time we were at the park and she had already had a low in the 30's that day when my mom was watching her. One minute she was talking and everything was fine. The next minute she had passed out. It's like we looked away and looked back and she was asleep. We weren't sure at first if it was her BS because she hadn't had a nap that day and she's been known to just fall asleep when she's super tired. Of course the dummy that I am left the meter in the car. Needless to say that is not happening again. We quickly went back to the car and checker her. She was like 40. There was a snowcone shack across the street. I thought the straight sugar in the syrup would be best to wake her up. She was slow to coming around, but was o.k. We try to check her every couple of hours, but those lows sneak up fast. I'm always pretty shaky after that happens. The problem is that she acts normal when she has lows. Her BS could be 50 and she would act just fine. We don't anything is off until we check and course she is too young to know how a low or high feels. I can't wait until she is a little bit older and can tell us how she is feeling. It's just the sucky part of dealing with this disease.

Well let's see lately we have been dealing with crazy highs. We are kind of between doctors right now since the move. So we are making the necessary adjustments to her insulin doses. We upped her Lantus (her base line) at night from 1 1/2 u to 2 u. That seems to be helping.

Well I'll try to be better at posting. I want this to be something that we can read in the future and learn from our mistakes as well as reflect on both our struggles and joys. It will also be nice to see that progress we've made. I can't wait to post someday that we've got a pump. We'll see. Ta ta for now (TTFN)!


  1. :p~~~~~~ to your insurance company for denying the pump. I hope your medicaid kicks in soon! What a crazy few months you have had! I hope things start looking up for you soon. Not having your husband around is hard. ((HUGS)) to you!

  2. Welcome back!! I agree :P~~~~~ to the ins. co.
    Always an excuse to not pay.