Saturday, September 4, 2010

Low Sugars - very scary

O.k so Saylor just had a BS of 28. I'm glad I checked her when I did. She did not take a nap again today. We went to the store tonight and she was IMPOSSIBLE! Of course she fell asleep once we got in the car. She has been so hard to get on a descent schedule. She wakes up early, rarely takes her naps, and goes to bed SUPER late. It's no wonder she's a monster. So anyway she fell asleep and slept through dinner. And well you know the old addage "never wake a sleeping baby." She may not be a baby, but it still applies. We gave her her Lantus and her correction shot while she was sleeping hoping that she would be o.k. with out eating. It's not like she's a great eater at dinner anyway. Well she slept for a couple of hours and I decided it was time to check her. Good thing I did. Her blood sugar was 28 - Yikes! Well we woke her up and gave her a tube of glucose gel. It was tropical flavor so I think it was rather tasty. She didn't put up much of a fuss. She usually doesn't mind waking up to candy and other sweet things. She liked it alot. We checked her 20 minutes later and she was up to 70. We gave her another couple of grams in a lifesaver and that boosted her up and unfortunately woke her up for the next several hours - oops! I just hate to think about what would of happened if I had forgotten to check her and waited until 2 a.m. I hate when those thoughts creep into my mind. Those super low BS's don't happen often, but when they do they sure shake me up for awhile.

Well I don't like to dwell on the negative so on to the positive. You know Heavenly Father really knew what he was doing when he sent us Sydney. She is so calm and sweet. She is also so extremelyh patient. It's like she knows that we need to give extra care to Saylor sometimes and she just deals with it and with a smile no doubt. She can be very clingy to me sometimes and I think that is her way of just saying "hey I'm here to" I just love her to death and thank God for her everyday. I love both of my girls soooo much. They are my everything. I love them both in their own specail way. I couldn't imagine taking another breath with out either one of them.


  1. You do have great girls! I have been wondering how Saylor and all of you have been, that has to be so scary when she drops low like that. You guys are awesome! Will we be seeing you in IF for the walk? Hope all is good in Moscow! And very cute blog! Miss you all!


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